The cat is out the bag (not literally, as I quite literally know what literally means!) - I have been chosen to be an Ambassador for the MK Marathon 2019! 

I am childishly excited...

I've come to more serious running in my *cough* mid-to-late-forties, although I've jogged on and off for ever, I've even done a few Mountain Marathons (although mostly as an excuse to buy a titanium teapot and a ridiculous tent, and we did a LOT of walking); but to my surprise I'm much better at it now than when I was 20 - I don't know what's changed (possibly because I'm actually doing some training hmmm...)- but I'm absolutely going to make the most of it whilst it lasts.

So I've been steadily improving at 5k and 10k, I've got a couple of okay-ish half-marathons under my belt and I've done lots of cross-country; but I've never done a marathon, and depending how the first one goes I may only ever do one, so I want it to be a good one, so I'm running MK bec…